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Hugo's first clip
Tia before and after
Tich is transformed!
Oscar my God child!
Dylan Pomeranian
  • Maliboo
  • 1 Photo | Updated February 14, 2012
  • Ottis
  • 2 Photos | Updated February 14, 2012
Murray & Ella
  • Cassie
  • 1 Photo | Updated February 6, 2012
x Terrier
  • x Terrier
  • 2 Photos | Updated January 25, 2012
Yorkshire Terrier
  • Frazer
  • 6 Photos | Updated February 6, 2012
English Setter
Rescue Yorkshire terrier
Millie at the salon
Poodle Trim
Tigs day at the groomers
Meg Asquith
Robert Lemmon and Molly
Pebbles and Bella Leake
Milo Carpenter
Ossie ready for Christmas
Barney Spence
Dora after her trim
Golden Retriever Sally
Yorkshire Terrier
  • Barclay
  • 1 Photo | Updated November 26, 2010
Scottish Terrier
West Highland Terrier
Lhasa Apso - Before & After
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  • "Our Shih Tzu "kids" Darcy, Dexter & Millie have been going to Linellas every 4 weeks for over a year now. Dexter & Millie both have problems with their legs and this is always ..."
    Owner of Millie + Guardian of Darcy & Dexter
  • " My 15 month old bichon has been going to Linella to be groomed for the last 6 months he looks beautiful when he comes home and is very happy. He has started trainig and loves i..."
    A very happy customer

Rover Rescue

Rover Rescue is a local animal rescue who we at Linella try to help with fundraising. We held a Christmas raffle and managed to raise a staggering £418 to help the animals.Thank you to all who contributed. Part of this money will go toward two King Chales spaniels who came into care Christmas week. they will shortly be looking for new homes. If you can help in any way either with gifts for raffle or with fostering help then please contact Lesley on 0121 429 5196 or Tina on 0121 429 5196.

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