Linella Dog Grooming Salon

dog grooming

                   Our Services Include

      Grooming, Bathing, Hand Stripping, Nail clipping, Ear cleaning,Teeth cleaning, Anal glands
We also offer dog obedience training and dog agility tuition
 Please note We are aware that some dogs due to illness or age require special attention while in our care. Please advise us of your dogs special needs when you leave them with us.We will do our best to ensure that your pet is comfortble while in our care.
 During your dogs visit to Linella he/she will receive a bath, clip/trim, nail clipping and ear hair removal.All dogs are bathed unless we are specifically asked not to.Please feel free to discuss your dogs personal requirements  with a member of staff. Here are just some of the services we can provide while your dog is in our care:-

Bathing with a variety of high-quality and specialist shampoos, conditioning, thorough drying and detangling.


Clip appropriate to the breed  or to your requirements. Many owners choose to have their dogs clipped in a style which suits them or the dog . Some dogs with a more active lifestyle benefit from a shorter clip which means on those frequent trips to the park they are less likely to get as muddy or tangled with the undergrowth. Other owners prefer a much more traditional clip which will require more grooming and commitment on their part to keep the dog in good condition.


      Effective flea and tick treatment available .


  Anal Glands  can be a problem for many dogs. We can help by emptying the glands during your dogs visit and elieviating the discomfort to your dog.

 Teeth cleaning   can be very important to your dog. tartar build up can cause infection and gum disease. We will give your dog a free dental check and if possible remove the tartar build up. If it is not possible for us to do this due to decaying teeth we will advise you to visit your vet for further inspection                             

 Nail clipping can also be carried out at any time without a full groom at the salon and by prior arrangement in your own home.

                                                                                      We can arrange a local collection and delivery for your pet if you find it easier. 


We specialize in nervous and difficult dogs, who will receive the best of our attention and care to get them gently accustomed to bathing, grooming and clipping so that they look forward to coming back to visit us.
If you have any special requirements such as a prescription shampoo, please let us know so that we can accommodate your needs.
It is almost impossible for us to quote prices on line as all dogs are different even if they are the same breed. Size,condition etc all pay a part in the work involved. Therefore please do not hesitate to contact us for us to determine the price of the work you wish to be carried out on your pet.
  We also offer dog training and boarding with our sister company Pawmasters
It is important to us that you are aware that while in our care
your dog is never caged or sedated


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  • "Our Shih Tzu "kids" Darcy, Dexter & Millie have been going to Linellas every 4 weeks for over a year now. Dexter & Millie both have problems with their legs and this is always ..."
    Owner of Millie + Guardian of Darcy & Dexter
  • " My 15 month old bichon has been going to Linella to be groomed for the last 6 months he looks beautiful when he comes home and is very happy. He has started trainig and loves i..."
    A very happy customer

Rover Rescue

Rover Rescue is a local animal rescue who we at Linella try to help with fundraising. We held a Christmas raffle and managed to raise a staggering £418 to help the animals.Thank you to all who contributed. Part of this money will go toward two King Chales spaniels who came into care Christmas week. they will shortly be looking for new homes. If you can help in any way either with gifts for raffle or with fostering help then please contact Lesley on 0121 429 5196 or Tina on 0121 429 5196.

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Ear cleaning

Teeth cleaning

Anal glands