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My name is Tina Stockton and I am the proprietor of Linella. I am also in partnership with Pawmasters a local Dog training club. For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in dogs. My first dog was a Miniature Poodle aptly named Peppie! He was bought for me when I was six and my story began.

By the age of 14, it was obvious to me and my family that my intention was to work with animals. 

My first choice was a vet but I decided that I could not cope with the down side of the job; we lose our animals all too soon and I felt I could not face this on a day-to-day basis. As I already had a Poodle, it was suggested that I take up grooming. My parents arranged for me to take a grooming course, which I went on to do and gained my diploma.

I left school in April 1971 and the next day started work at Linella.

For the next two years or so I worked as a junior to a lady who was already there. When she unexpectedly left, I was offered a partnership by the owner. The partnership lasted about 24 years and I then took over completely. 

During my years at Linella, I have also owned a Dalmatian, a black Standard Poodle and am now the proud owner of three canine daughters: Jade, a white Standard Poodle Lexi, a Yorkshire Terrier whom I fostered at four weeks old for Rover Rescue and never went back!  Ruby a brown Standard poodle A Minature Poodle Harvey who came to me at 4 months. We were also joined by Beryl a Patterdale Terrier. More recently Jack another Yorkshire Terrier  and  Disney a White Standard poodle moved in!!

Sadly in June 2014 I lost my soul mate Jade,

she and I were inseperable and life will never be the same without her. xx

My heart breaks to say on 25th June 2019 I had a house fire and lost everything including my six canine children.  My life will never be the same and my heart aches for them every day.

Wait for me kids till we meet again. 

I became interested in showing dogs while I had my black Standard, Juno, and attended many Companion shows with her. We won many trophies and rosettes and even a Best in Show at Stourbridge show for which she won a large cup. My love of showing continued with Jade and I started to show her at Kennel Club shows, at one of which she qualified for Crufts. She attended Crufts in 2005 and won a Very Highly Commended. During this time, Jade had been attending agility classes and it was obvious that she preferred agility, so I gave up showing her to concentrate on agility.

After being involved in agility for a few years, I purchased a set of equipment and helped set up agility classes. Most weekends are spent at agility shows and in November 2007 I passed my exams to become an agility judge. I judged at nine agility shows in 2010 and have more planned for 2011, so it's been a busy season. I have now passed on the agility training side of the business  to Richard Barker and intend to concentrate more on competing and judging.

I am now in partnership with Laura Hubble in our dog  training business  Pawmasters

I have tried during my 46 years at Linella to do my best to accommodate all sizes and breeds of dogs including cross-breeds. I have gained tremendous experience in handling dogs during this time and have gained a reputation for being able to handle all dogs regardless of their temperament. My aim has been and will continue to be to make the time your pet spends at Linella as happy and stress-free as possible, and for you the owner to receive a service that you will be pleased with.

I or a member of my staff will always be available to listen to your comments and queries and answer any questions that you may have.

I can be contacted on 0779 044 3238 or by email to

 After a lot of soul searching I became Mom to Daney  a white Standard Poodle who is so handsome. Then someone from the agility world who heard of my loss offered me a Border Terrier puppy and Jaycub joined us, Someone who heard I had lost my Patterdale offered me a  puppy  and Libey joined the family. Their names are made up of my babies I lost hence the spelling, The the kids were followed by Standard Poodle Jon in lock down 21 and then by 2 Biewer Terriers so i now have 6 canine kids.