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Quotes Our Shih Tzu "kids" Darcy, Dexter & Millie have been going to Linellas every 4 weeks for over a year now. Dexter & Millie both have problems with their legs and this is always double checked with me when I drop them off. They are always welcomed warmly and are beautifully clipped and smell gorgeous when I collect them. I would not trust any where else with our babies. Quotes
Owner of Millie + Guardian of Darcy & Dexter

Quotes My 15 month old bichon has been going to Linella to be groomed for the last 6 months he looks beautiful when he comes home and is very happy. He has started trainig and loves it we have both benefetited from Tinas expert training, Quotes
A very happy customer

Quotes Cobweb is a three year old Ruby Cavalier Spaniel. He is also a fur ball! So being trimmed on a regular basis forms a big part of his routine. And he loves it! The minute we?re within walking distance, he pulls at full stretch of his lead to go into every doorway along the way. Once inside Linellas, he marches off for his morning?s fun without a second glance. And I, as his owner, am delighted to leave him in such good hands. Of course, when I collect him, he looks immaculate. Even now ? almost five weeks later ? his coat is still in perfect shape. It is, however, much, much longer. And fluffier. Time for another canine beauty treat! Quotes
Gwen Williams
Cobwebs Mom

Quotes Cassie is my dog, and I am always very happy with the end result when she has been to you. Keep up the good work. Lisa Quotes
Lisa Mooney owner of Cassie

Quotes Just wanted to say that you have done a great job on Monty the Maltese, who arrived very matted, scared and absolutely filthy and came home from your salon yesterday feeling great, looking great and all bright and white, thanks so much for taking the time and patience with our little guy xxx Quotes
Great Job on Monty the Maltese

Quotes ozzie the shihtzu always looks very handsome after his visit to linella's,i am always confident tina and her staff will take good care of him,many thanks tina. Quotes

Quotes Barney and I moved to Kingswinford in 2006 but it was a year or so (and some traumatic trips to a local grooming parlour) before I discovered Linella. Despite the unkempt state of my pooch, Tina took him on, offering me advice on how to keep him in reasonable shape between visits. We have been regular visitors ever since. Twelve year old Barney has never been a big fan of being groomed but he always leaps out of the car when I say 'let's go see Tina' and it's not till he gets inside that he realises what's up! On occasions he can be a grumpy old man but Tina handles with him care and compassion. Tina, you are a gem - I wish I had found you earlier! Quotes
Mary Spence MBE
Mum of Barney the Bearded Collie

Quotes Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH TINA for the wonderful makeover on Dylan, rescued pomeranian. When he arrived his coat was in a terrible state after years of neglect and then after an afternoon at Linella's he came home TRANSFORMED, he really looked like a different dog and obviously felt on top of the world so thanks again for making a very big difference to our lovely little dog.The pictures in your gallery of him are great. ROVER RESCUE Quotes
Lesley Hill
Rover Rescue

Quotes Just wanted to say THANK YOU for grooming my own dogs- Evie Mini Schnauzer always looks fantastic after her visit, Larry Gsd/collie looked younger and even more handsome, his coat felt like silk and he smelled lovely - a true transformation and Pru my pomeranian always looks perfect and as pretty as a picture when she has had her hair done by her Auntie Tina.Plus you have done some really wonderful makeovers with the many rescue dogs we have bought to you over the years. I can highly recommend Linella's great groomers. Quotes
Lesley Hill
Founder Rover Rescue

Quotes I have been taking my Standard Poodles to Tina at Linella for several years. I have always found her and her staff to be caring of my dogs welfare and to do a very professional job of their trimming and grooming.My present dog Toddy is two years old, very large and boisterous. Very affectionate but difficult when it comes to trimming his feet. Tina has a lot of experience with difficult dogs and copes with him extremely well, he always comes home looking smart and well groomed. he is always keen to go the next time and mix with his doggy friends. Quotes
Elaine Hook
Owner of Toddy