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                                        Dog Agility General Info


Dog agility is the sport  in which dogs negotiate obstacles and tunnels without making any mistakes. Both my dogs Jade and Lexi take part. I originally became interested in the sport when a friend started to take my Standard Poodle to agility lessons.As my interest increased I decided to take the K C Judging exam for agility and have been an agility judge for several years. The sport is very addictive and I now run both my dogs myself.At Jades last show she came 1st in her jumping class and Lexi in her first ever show won a fifth place! Dogs of all shapes and sizes take part and compete against other dogs to gain an award. On this site I will try to give you an insight into dog agilty for you to see if you feel you and your dog may like to take part. I will add more information and photos for your interest and if anyone thinks that their dog would like to take part in the sport please contact me for further details on 0121 429 5196

. Dogs usually start their training from the age of twelve months and they can compete in Kennel Club shows from 18 Months. Some clubs hold unafilliated shows which they allow dogs to enter from 16 months to get them used to competing.All dogs regardless of if they are pedigree dogs or not have to be registered on the Kennel Club activity register and need to be measured to ensure they are competing at the correct height. As you can see from this picture Lexi started running through tunnels at an early age to get her used to them! Most people choose to join an agility club for their training and it is a good idea to choose one which you have been recommended to. Once booked in to a club ask the trainer how to start to give you dog commands at home which will help them when they start training. Above all if you do decide to join the ever popular sport of dog agility then be patient, your dog will not learn over night and you both will learn together, making the time you spend together more enjoyable and rewarding. You will also find agility a good way of keeping your dog fit and in good condition and have the added bonus of keeping you fit too!

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        Jade at Derby      




  I met Ant and Dec while there when they were filming Push the Button!







I am continuing to judge and have asked my 10 year old great niece to run the dogs in their agility classes