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 PAWMASTERS are here to help you have a happy and balanced relationship with your dog.

Pawmasters dog club will encourage your dog with positive 

training to be a well balanced socialized individual. Our classes will be a fun and relaxed experience for you and your dogs. It is most important that we all know and understand the responsibilities and care of owning and enjoying our canine companion. Our classes which will accommodate varying abilities are all taught with positive reward based training. Our other activities will include doggy parties, fun agility, and puppy socialization parties. Evening and daytime classes available.

Please call for further details                                                      

                               0121 429 5196



 Pawmasters will also be running other activities  which will entitle members to reduced rates. Class costs on request for members.



Member offers include:- Free nail trimming for all puppies up to 6 months of age.

                   £8 per adult dog for nail trimming, 




   If you choose not to do Good Citizen Classes our own training will include -:

Puppy Classesfor puppies who have completed there first injection course. This class will be for dogs up to eight months old.This class will include basic dog care and responsible ownership,how to be social with other people and dogs,very basic recall and a very short stay.


Elementary Classes - For dogs over 6 months old and puppies who have completed the Puppy class.This class will include further teaching on responsibility issues,correct collars,further lead walking in differing circumstances,advice on grooming including examination of the dog, recall to owner and stay for 45 seconds.


Novice Classes - for dogs who have completed the Elementary class. This class will include teaching your dog to interact with you,begin to road walk under control, recall when instructed,control of the dog when food is being eaten by others,more advanced care instruction,how to control the dog in a vehicle and a stay for 90 seconds.


Advanced class -  for dogs who have completed the novice class. This class will include further road walking under control,recall after play,correct behavior when being fed,a full examination of the dog by an examiner,to be able to stop the dog in a unwanted situation and a stay for 2 minutes.


 All classes will run for 45 minutes and the course duration will be 8 weeks for all classes. 

After each course an assessment  will be made to determine the dog is ready to move on to the next stage and for successful applicants a certificate and a rosette and dog gift will be awarded.

Please call Pawmasters to be added to our list and for current prices and more details of courses.

                 0121 429 5196