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Rovers Happy Endings


 We have helped several pets who are now settled in their new homes. We never rehome without ensuring the animal is neutered,innoculated and microchipped.


Meet Lexi


 Lexi with her brothers Jackson and Harvey came into Rescue at 4 weeks old and she was fostered by Tina. Sue looked after Harvey and Jackson.

Being so young they had extra special care and soon got there feet under the table.

It came as no surprise that Tina kept Lexi ! Sue decided to keep Jackson and Harvey went to his new home. they all continue to enjoy their lives.




Baby Lexi


Lexi on the beach recently





 Meet Doris

When she was dumped.





 After some on going treatment and with her penny jar saving for her neutering operation.


 Doris was dumped at Linella's in early July with no explanation.

She was in a bad state, extremely hungry and her  coat and skin was in a bad state. After trying to restore her to heath it was decided that as she would need on going treatment and be medication for the rest of her life that she would be kept in permanent foster. She now resides with Lesley in the lap of luxury x

Unfortunately after living out her final days with Lesley Doris passed over to rainbow bridge.

Jack came into with his brother Barney after being offered for sale on Face Book !

Barney found a home and Tina decided to keep Jack so a happy ending for them both.

We also microchipped several animals free of charge to ensure their safety.


We continue to fundraise with various events. The money raised is used to help other rescues namely Wild Acre Rescue.