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New Pricing Structure

To be fair to everyone regarding prices we will be moving forward In the following way:

Regular grooms

We will advise you how often your dog needs to be groomed to avoid the dog’s coat becoming excessively knotted. If you adhere to this schedule the price then will be kept the same for as long as we can do so with rising costs.

Irregular grooms

If you choose to bring your dog at an interval suitable to you, ie longer than the suggested time, this usually means extra work is involved with the dog’s coat therefore an extra charge will be made according to the time taken on the dog.


I will no longer be continually de matting dogs who are not groomed regularly - it’s totally unfair on them. This means they may need to be stripped off - so made like a short coated dog. The charge will be made accordingly. To avoid this the first option of a regular booking can be arranged.

Sorry we have had to make these changes but it’s the only way we can be fair with pricing to all our clients and make the experience of the dog with a matted coat less stressful to them. You will of course be given a price for your dog on request when leaving the dog with us when we can fully inspect the work needed to ensure our best service.

We strongly advise you to make another appointment before you leave as we are very busy and it will avoid you having to wait too long for your dogs next groom.



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