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Making dogs beautiful for 53 years



I am Tina Stockton and started work at Linella dog Grooming the day after I left school at the age of 15.  53 years later I am still at Linella making dogs beautiful.

During this time I have gained a lot of experience and understanding of what you, the customer would like for your fur baby. Not everyone wants a show trim and it’s my job to discuss this with you and deliver what you require. Over this time of working with dogs, I have become a dog agility judge, run weekly agility classes for clients dogs and run a successful dog training group.

Tina nos to nose with gorgeous XL bully

I also train dogs for therapy work which is very popular. I spend my spare time (if I have any) with my 7 dogs, two Standard poodles, a Patterdale Terrier, a Border Terrier and three Biewer Terriers.

My co workers at Linella all have dog backgrounds and vary from Rescue work, to dog training and dog agility. Each one comes along when required and I find their help invaluable. They own dogs themselves and understand the importance of working with dogs and looking after your fur babies.



On arrival at Linella Dog Grooming your fur baby will be given a short time to settle and then we give them a thorough check over to check for any problems.  Once this process is complete the pet will start the grooming process.

Combing the Fur

Full Grooming Package

Bathing in a quality shampoo suitable for the dog followed by a conditioner.

A full breed clip or clip to owners requirements.

Followed by nail clipping, ear cleaning and doggy perfume.

Two puppies sleeping

Puppy Groom

To introduce puppies to the salon this package will be suitable for youngsters and will include a bath brush, nail trim, ear clean and top and tail trim.

Brushing the Fur

Smooth Coat Bath & De-Shed

For smooth coated dogs to include a bath and nail trim.

Dog Blower

Half Way Grooming Package

An ideal way to keep your dog clean between full grooms. Includes bath and condition as in full groom. Nails and ears checked and completed if needed.

Cocker Spaniels


Offered to long coated dogs who need a complete comb through and de shed plus a bath and condition.
For an extra charge a trim after de shed can be added to this package.

Nail Clip

Nail Trim - Any Breed

To keep the nails in check

Optional Extras

Add any of these additional services to any package above:

Ear cleaning

Teeth cleaning

Anal gland expression

*All prices on request*

News & Announcements

Our Happy Clients



"I would just like to say that I've been going to linella poodle parlour for 8 years or more and i have found the girls so friendly and my two dogs just love going there they look beautiful when they come home im happy and the dogs too"

Anita with Sukie and zoey Std Poodles

I have known Tina Stockton for nearly 30 plus years, I can honestly say that she is a cherished.


She is well respected for her love of dogs, her professional dog grooming, dog agility training and obedience classes.


Tina also works hard saving dogs from the meat trade in China, with fundraising auctions and many other ways. She is always willing to help anyone who needs her help"


Margaret Figg owner of Barney and Cassi

"When it was time to look for a groomer I wanted a groomer who could actually cut hair, a doggie hairdresser. Finding Tina was a massive relief. Tina really is a dog whisperer, she is brilliant with all breeds of dog. Most importantly her experience is so vast she can do anything. I knew what I didn’t want, she advised the best way to get what she thought I would like. Result. Happy puppy, happy owner. Tina truly is an artist and she cares. I just hope she never retires because I could not imagine ever going anywhere else."

Alison and Aiden owners of Cookie

"Tina and the team at Linella Dog Grooming have always given attention and detail to both our poodles grooms. We are always happy with the results and would recommend Linella Dog Grooming when asked why our pups look so clean and amazing"

Elton and Jon owners of Jet and Bliss

"We've used Linella's since we started our kennel club good citizen training, the training and groomers are run by the same people. Tina and her team at Linella's are fantastic in all aspects of the service they provide, listening to the owners to get the cut and wash's right and breed specific, offer advice for treatment that we may not pick up on as inexperienced owners, are super friendly and have rates that are totally reasonable.  I fully endorse and recommending them to anyone looking for a groomer who not only does a great job but cares about the dogs too!"

David Mayne owner of Charlie Spanish Water Dog

"Linella have been my dog groomers of choice for many many years and they do a really good job, they look after the dogs like they were their own and they are competitively priced. They cover all breeds, all sizes all cuts. Another part of the service. Tina has lots of contacts in the dog world and has helped us find our two new puppies. She helps with shelters and re-homing dogs. Tina and Les also help with a charity that brings dogs over from China by raising money in numerous ways. Tina is a dog lady and will help anyone she can."

Linda Carlin owners of Max and Milo

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